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I’m guessing you have heard of Amazon? Yes.. Well then you probably know they are one of the first trillion dollar companies in the world. Now did you know that you can refer your audience to Amazon and make quite a heft referral fee? Well read on.

Amazon Associates is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs and was launched in 1996.

The Amazon Associates program has a more than 12 year track record of developing solutions to help website owners, Web developers, and Amazon sellers make money by advertising millions of new and used products from and its subsidiaries, such as and

When website owners and bloggers who are Associates create links and customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It’s free to join and easy to use.

Provide customers the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase the products you advertise on your site. And when they do, you can earn up to 10% in referral fees.

Take advantage of various Amazon retail promotions and leverage our newly created advertising features to drive traffic and earn referrals.”

Who would use the Amazon Affiliates Program?

If you have created or looking at creating a blog and/or website. The Amazon Affiliate program could be best for you.

Amazon allow you easy access to their information to navigate your audience to specific pages that you are looking at.

Amazon provide easy to use Javascript and Html editors to each page and make it easy for you to drop into your blog or site.

The best site i have seen to help create an account would be from Hubspot. Link is provided Hubspot Amazon Affiliate Setup information Source: Hubspot

How do you make money?

Everytime you drive an audience member to your specific and Amazon associate link and they make a purchase you will get a certain percentage as commision from Amazon also you will keep making money from them for a certain period of time.

With the tools given to you by Amazon associates, it becomes simple to drive your audience to specific landing pages.

First of all you need to create an account.

How do you create an account?

It is very easy to create an account.

Step one: Enter your account information.

Enter your account info (including the name, address, phone number of the payee)

Step two. Enter your website address.

Enter your website address(es), apps, YouTube channels, etc.

3. Enter your preferred store ID.

Enter your preferred store ID (usually the same as your primary website name), explain what your websites hope to accomplish, and select Amazon topics your links will likely target.

Explain how you drive traffic to your websites, how you use your website or apps to generate income, how you usually build links, and how many visitors your site brings in each month.

This is the section with the most details around your association with Amazon.

5. Enter your phone number.

Enter your phone number, press “Call Me Now,” and wait for the immediate call from Amazon. They’ll ask you to input a four-digit code, and once that is complete, your account will be approved.

6. Choose your payment method.

Choose whether to enter your payment (credit card) and tax ID information in now or later. Then proceed to your dashboard.


4. Create Amazon Affiliate links.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be sent to your personal Associate homepage. This is where you’ll find your performance dashboard (including an earnings overview, monthly summary, and total clicks).

How do you get paid?

The Amazon associate program has lots of methods to get paid. Either via direct deposit, Amazon gift card or payment via check.

I would have thought paypal would have been an easier option but that is not available as yet.

Are there any fees or Subscription costs?

There are no fees or subscription costs but you will need to make a sale within the first 180 days or your account will be cancelled.

There are also certain fixed program fee rates depending on what product you are promoting. (Please click the image to be taken to this page to view)

My opinion of the Amazon Associates Program.


I have been using this platform for the last 6 months and i use it both on some of my other blogs and also via social media.

Making it easy to publish the products i am looking at and presenting them to my audience makes it very easy.

The platform is very easy to use and the amount of products to present are phenomenal.

I would recommend people giving the Amazon Associates program a try.

I tried the Amazon Associates Program and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion. Please see below the link to know more about Amazon Associates Program.

Have you used it in the past? How would you rate it?

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