BIGtoken – Sell some data, Make some money.

Looking to make some money by selling your data? Ooh that doesn’t sound legit. but wait isn’t that what large corporations are doing now at the moment anyway.

Why not make some money just by answering some questions, taking some photos and referring you friends?

BIGtoken is the first consumer-managed data marketplace where BIGtoken users can own and earn big rewards from their data. The BIGtoken platform is holistically transparent and consumer focused reward system.

BIGtoken provides their audience choice, transparency and compensation for their data.

The system also provides advertisers and media companies access to transparent, verified consumer data to better reach and serve audiences.

Who would use BIGtoken?

BIGtoken is great for anyone that is looking to get some serious income from your data.

You as a user has the capability to manage what Data is passed on and also who they share their data with.

How do you create an account?

Step One. To create an account you need to first download the application from either the IOS or Android application.

IOS App logo

Step two. You will need to create your account on the home page of the application.

Step three. You will have to confirm your phone number.

Step four. You will also have to confirm your email.

Step Five. You will have to accept all the terms of service and their privacy policy.

Step 6. Once you have confirmed you will get a confirmation that your account has been created.

Step seven. Once created you will be taken through a walk through of the platform and been shown all the benefits.

How do you make money?

Once you have downloaded BIGtoken application, you will be provided with numerous survey questions that will start to create your profile.

Questions from what charities you donate to and what sort of tea you drink. There are numerous questions that will help create your profile and the more questions you answer the more rewards you will receive.

How do you get paid?

Once you have meet the following requirements.

  • Joined BIGtoken at least 30 days.
  • You have not redeemed points in the last 30 days.
  • You have a minimum of 2,210.53 or $21.00USD
  • You have no pending transactions

Once these have been met, you will be able to withdraw into your Paypal account.

There a multiple tiers that you can withdraw to your personnel Paypal account.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

There are no fees or subscription costs associated with BIGtoken.

My opinion of BIGtoken.
  • Sign up process.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Value.


I have been using BIGtoken for a few months now and it is great. Easy to use and easy to answer questions.

I am just about to withdraw my first transaction and it’s exciting.

The data monitoring is very easy to use and I can see in real time my community and how much I am earning.

I would strongly recommend using BIGtoken.

Where to try for yourself.

I tried the BIGtoken App and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion.

Please see below the link to know more about the BIGtoken platform.

Have you used it in the past? How would you rate it?

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