Brisksellers Unite – Wait. What’s a Briskseller?

Are you always online looking for deals or looking for a specific item that you or a friend might be interested.

What if there was a market place where you could recommend to a friend about a specific product you know they would love and you also get a real commission on it?

Let us introduce you to Briskselling. A new platform designed for that specific reason and it might not only be friends. If you have a huge following on social media you can put it out to them too.

BriskSale is an online commercial centre built entirely with the user in mind. They began BriskSale on the conviction that online commercial centres ought to be more straightforward, less expensive, quicker, and increasingly legitimate.

Who would use Brisksale?

Brisksale is essentially available for anyone to sign up and start making commisions from day one.

The platform mentions in the FAQ’s that essentially marketeers and social media influencers would gain more but nonetheless if you have the audience why not make money from it?

How do you create an account with Brisksale?

In the steps below i had signed up through my android phone but the process is the same across the sign up process.

Step 1. There are three ways to become a Briskseller. You can set up directly on line by going to or either sign up on your IOS or Andoid device.

Step 2. You will sign up either using your Facebook login or you are able to sign up by simply entering your email details. I had signed up via my facebook account.

Step 3. Once you have completed your sign up details, You will be given a quick walkthrough of all the functions and instructions to fully utilise the platform.

How will you make money?

By utilising the Brisksale platform you will be opening up an endless stream of products you can advertise to your network.

When a seller posts a commission on Bricksale to compensate the BriskSeller, the link of the Brickseller (You) will connect them with a buyer, that BriskSeller (You) gets paid 100% of the commission.

At all times, Bricksale takes all precautions to make sure that their Brickseller community is well taken care of and remunerated.

How do you get paid?

There are two options for you to get paid.

Once all the information has been confirmed you will have the option to cash out when ever you want.

The payment options are either directly to you bank account or to your dedicated Paypal account.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

There are no costs or subscription costs associated with the Briskselling platform.

My opinion of the Briskselling Platform
  • Sign up process.
  • Ease of Use
  • Value


I have been using Briskselling for a few weeks now and i am not having much success maybe it’s just me.

I have tried to post to my network and also direct links on my social pages. I am unable to post from the app to my facebook page as it comes up with a number of errors which isnt the best experience.

I will report back if and when i get a commission check.

I tried the Briskselling Platform and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion. Please see below the link to know more about Briskselling Platform.

Have you used it in the past? How would you rate it?

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