Cashmagnet App – Passive Income with your left over phone.

CashMagnet is an Android app that allows you to earn extra income while you are not using your phone. The program works only while you are not using your phone – as the app is browsing sites and installs games.

CashMagnet promise to install only trusted games(apps) and visit only safe sites. The only purpose of the app is to view advertising, click on banners, install games and watch advertising.

By doing so CashMagnet earns money from sponsors, that we share with our users. To start earning you will need to launch the application and press Start Earning button.

If you need to use your phone, you can stop the program and use it again when the phone is not needed. Ideally, single users can use the app during the night when they sleep.

Accumulation of points takes place every 5 minutes, the longer program works on your phone, the more money you will receive.

It is an Android app that will allow you to earn extra income while you are not using the phone.

For now, CashMagnet is only available for Android phones with 4.2 version and later.

Accumulation of points takes place every 5 minutes, the longer your program will work on your phone, the more money you will receive.

Yes, the program will consume a certain amount of traffic, so the desired condition is an active wi-fi connection.

Who would use CashMagnet?

CashMagnet is great for anyone that has an Android phone and is basically sitting in a box not doing anything.

Get it out and start earning some money.

The app will use the whole phone and render is useless whilst using the CashMagnet App.

How will you make money?

Well, it actually depends on many things, namely from what country you are from, what version of Android you use, how many games you installed, how long runs CashMagnet on your phone, whether your phone is rooted or not.

So, there is no universal answer. Their best-performing users earn around $15 a month, but this is only possible if you meet all the factors mentioned above.

At the moment the maximum one can earn per phone is 500 points – this is in case the user has the phone running the app 24 / 7, the user is from the top country(USA, Canada, UK, etc) and has the rooted phone.

500 points are $0.5 making it $15 a month.

We strive to bring more advertisers to allow us to raise this limit. Starting from the Level 3 user can install games by himself, and from Level 6 this will be happening in automatic mode.

For each game installed the user gets extra 100 points, you can install as many games as you want (even 5 a day, that will make extra 500 points). All this means that the higher level you reached the more bonus points you can get.

How do you get paid?

You can redeem your points at any time for PayPal cash, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, Steam Gift Cards or replenish a mobile phone account by going to the Rewards page.

Payments start from $1 USD.

Most users can easily earn enough points to redeem for two days, but it depends on how much time your CashMagnet will work.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

CashMagnet is completely free to use, and always will be.

My opinion of CashMagnet.

My opinion of Cashmagnet.
  • Sign up process.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Value.


I have found CashMagnet a great passive income app.

Yes, it doesn’t generate much income but it is great for something to just sit in the background generating money.

The App does have some glitches such as the App sometimes saying that I haven’t downloaded any apps and not letting me use the app.

To get the full benefit from CashMagnet, make sure that you install all the apps available and try to get to the highest level possible.

The higher the level the more points you will earn.

Remember once you click to start your phone will basically be unusable because there will be videos and installations happening on your phone and if you are like me, it will become frustrating to be constantly taken away from what you are doing.

If you have a spare phone or looking at getting into phone Farming, I would recommend using the CashMagnet App.

Where to try for yourself.

I tried the CashMagnet App and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion.

Please see below the link to know more about the CashMagnet App.

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