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EyeEm is a global photography community and marketplace. They connect their engaged creators with leading brands to provide original, unique and on-brand content. Their mission is to empower our community by offering them a platform to get discovered, while giving brands access to the most powerful creative imagery worldwide.”

“In 2010, our four co-founders came together to host one of the first mobile photography exhibitions out of a Berlin subway station. Rooted in a real love of photography and desire to empower creators, what started as an underground art movement has now grown into the world’s most engaged online photography community and marketplace.”

“From the very beginning our goal was simple: discover talent, empower them, and give them a stage.”

Who would use EyeEm ?

EyeEm is for anyone that is good at taking photos. To get full exposure from EyeEm you should really get the app for IOS Apple or in the google store (Both are linked in the wording). At this time of posting there isn’t a desktop upload function. Hopefully it will be coming soon.

Downloading the app is quite easy on both platforms and are very easy to use.

If you have a really good camera, say a SLR, you could get the pic and send them to your mobile phone.

How do you make money?

You are able to make money by two ways.

  1. You simply post your photos and set them up for people to see them. Using specific tags and locations will help you get discovered and people will be able to buy your images. Also, if you allow the app to search your existing photos, it will go through and see what might be sellable.
  2. You can enter different missions. If your photos are good you can win specific prizes and also get noticed by the likes of canon and converse. Each mission has different prizes and can also be shown at specific exhibits.

How do you get paid?

EyeEm make it easy by paying directly into your Paypal account.

No payment can be made from your photos until your details have been completed.

Are there Fees or Subscription costs?

There are no fees for your photos. If you are a business, they do have another section that is detailed on the costs and breakdown.

My opinion of the EyeEm Platform.

I enjoy the App. I have only logged onto the desktop version once. Not much functionality.

I use the app on my Iphone 7 and it still captures great photos. I have submitted about 20 in the last 3 months. The community is quite engaging also which i did interacting with. They were very helpful when it came to posting images and what got the best response in their experience.

I have recommended it to my partner and she is uploading like crazy but i don’t know exactly how she is going.

I had 3,000+ photos in my phone at the time of downloading the app and because of the functionality the App went through them all and gave some great suggestions.

The few things i don’t like is that you are unable to submit photos if you don’t have the app. Even if there wasa simple tool that would make it easier as a lot of my photos are from my Canon slr 3300 and i have to download it from the camera, find the file, send it to my phone then upload it to the App.

Also, there is a lot of competition on the platform and in one mission i saw more than 25k images. So your photo would have to be really good and get the attention of the big brands, but with the scope of the EyeEm app hopefully they will see it.

I like the app and continue to recommend it to people that upload a lot of images to Instagram and get nothing except recognition from it.

Where to go to try for yourself?

I tried the EyeEm and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion. Please see below the link to know more about the EyeEm platform.

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