Fiverr – Outsource your Success.

Have you got a job that is time consuming and are looking for someone to do it cheap or do you have a skill that you know people will pay for but don’t have the network or the audience to showcase your skills?

We give you Fiverr.

Fiverr is an entrepreneurial platform allowing people such as yourself to demonstrate their value whether it be voice overs, content writers or web site developers.

What ever your niche, whether you are looking at purchasing someones services or selling yours, Fiverr has the means to do it.

What’s good about this  crowdsourcing service is its provision of total transparency.

Freelancers’ profiles can be accessed, along with their reviews, leaving buyers to decide whether they want to hire them or not.

With the system, employers are provided with advanced knowledge on the quality of service they are to receive from a freelancer.


Who would use Fiverr?

If you are starting out your own business or looking at starting a blog, there are many reasons you may look at Fiverr

For example if you are looking at starting your own business, You may need website developer, content writers, designers, etc. Instead of hiring employees on a permanent basis, Hire someone on Fiverr and get it down cheap with services starting at $5.

Also, on the other hand. You may have been a WordPress developer in your current job and looking at earning another income which could eventually become your full time business.

The possibilities are endless.

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How do you make money?

You will make money by creating an account and supplying your services no matter what they may be.

The categories are:

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You are also able to make money on their Affiliate program which is through the CJ Affiliate platform.

Program Highlights:

  • High CPA Levels: $15-$150 CPA commission rate for each first time buyer, according to the sub-category of the first purchase, even for purchases of $5!
  • Amazing conversion rate
  • Fiverr‘s target audience is everyone, everywhere!
  • Convenient marketing platforms – Facebook, Instagram, blogs, articles & reviews etc.

CPA commission rates per Fiverr sub-categories:

  • Fiverr PRO Services – $150
  • Whiteboard & Explainer Videos – $50
  • Website Builders & CMS – $50
  • Ecommerce – $50
  • WordPress – $40
  • Lyric & Music Videos – $40
  • 3D & 2D Models – $40
  • Presentation Design  – $40
  • Web & Mobile Design – $30
  • Data Analysis & Reports – $30
  • Mobile Apps & Web – $30
  • Spokespersons & Testimonials – $30
  • Promotional Videos – $30
  • Research & Summaries – $30
  • Business Copywriting – $30 
  • Articles $ Blog Posts – $25
  • Creative Writing – $25
  • Translation – $25
  • Voice Over – $25
  • Illustration – $25
  • Branding Services – $25
  • All Other Sub-Categories – $15
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How do you get Paid?

You will get paid through to you account that you have connected with Fiverr, whether that is by direct deposit or to your card. It’s up to you.

If you are going through the Affiliate program, you will get paid in what ever payment method you have set up on the CJ Affiliate Site.

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Are there any fees or subscription costs?

Though the say it’s free to join Fiverr. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services.

You only keep 80% of each transaction, so basically it’s 20% fees on all you sell.

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My Opinion on Fiverr.


I have used the Fiverr platform as a buyer and have found it very easy to use.

The number of opportunities on Fiverr is phenomenal and so much variety.

I would recommend it to anyone as there vetting process is very thorough so you know you are getting great products and services.

I have used it when I first wanted to get a logo created and it was very simple and also creating some content on another one of my sites I am working on.

Where to try for yourself.

I tried the Fiverr platform and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion.

Please see below the link to know more about the Fiverr platform.

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