Get Waldo – Major Rewards or a Major Scam?

Are you looking for are an app that is going to pay you for just shopping normally and give you additional discounts also ? We may have something for you.

Let us introduce Get Waldo.

Get Waldo is constructing the up and coming age of Artificial Intelligence when it comes to finding the best deals and savings.

Put simply you should simply sign in to Get Waldo and Get Waldo deals with the rest. Saving you money.

So how does Get Waldo set aside you cash? Indeed, you know those terms and conditions individuals never tried to peruse?

Waldo opens the shrouded reserve funds behind regular buys by utilizing these approaches.

Get Waldo‘s machine learning algorithms watch for value drops on items you’ve as of late obtained, and in the event that they go discounted, Waldo starts a discount with the retailer – and you recover your cash back into your Waldo account.

Get Waldo begins by gathering electronic receipts from your inbox to discover what you’ve acquired.

That’s if you don’t mind note that Get Waldo just works with gmail inboxes right now. They are anticipating taking off and update to permit yahoo, outlook, aol and so forth inboxes to work sooner rather than later.

Get Waldo just gathers the information that gets you the best cost on the items you are buying.

This incorporates data for example item sku values, shading size and amount. This information helps Get Waldo track items online for value drop identifications.

Get Waldo constantly screens costs on a huge number of items every day. at the point when a superior cost is found Get Waldo gets the opportunity to work guaranteeing the distinction for your sake.

Who would use Get Waldo?

Get Waldo is for anyone that is looking at getting discounts and cash back from online shopping from the numerous participating retailers that are a partnership with Get Waldo.

How to create an account?

Creating an account with Get Waldo couldn’t be simpler. That is if you have a gmail account. Like mentioned earlier it is in development that they will have other methods to create an account but for now it’s just gmail.

Step one:

If you’re not already on Get Waldo.

Step Two:

Once you are on Get Waldo. in the top right screen there is an option to sign up or the sign in with Google button. Click it.

Step three:

Once you have clicked here, you will be taken to a page that asks the below. This is confirming that the email address you are creating an account with is the email address that will be receiving your receipts so it can constantly scan to make sure it is giving you cash backs.

Then asked to confirm what you would like Get Waldo to access.

Step four:

Once completed – your account has been created. You will be prompted with a guide on how the platform works and at the end linking of your card.

Step five:

You’re in. You will have a dashboard to explore and see all your saving and referrals.

How you will make money

Being a member of the Get Waldo platform will make money by saving on the discounts Get Waldo provides and also by the cash back.

You are also able to make money by referring your friends to the program. You will get $10 for anyone that refer and they meet the requirements for Get Waldo.

How do you get paid?

You will get paid into the card that you associate with your account. Only Credit cards and debit cards will be accepted.

The minimum withdrawal balance is $25. When i tried to withdraw just to see the options it said that i have not cashed out more than $599. I don’t know if that is with one withdrawal or total. Would seem quite limiting if they only allowed you to withdraw $599 through out the total you using the platform.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

There are not necessarily fees but Get Waldo does take 25% of your earnings as a fee to be on their platform and also the partnerships that they have.

There is also a Get Waldo Pro subscription method that is coming out soon but there has been no mention of a date.

What I thought about Get Waldo.


Get Waldo is a cash back and discount app that does just that – Give you rewards for doing what you will be doing anyway, shopping online. The interface is easy to use and creating an account is just as simple. I liked the dashboard where everything is right in front and easy to see. I also like the amount of retailers that were available ensuring that no matter what i would be doing i would be receiving a discount or some form of cash back. I wasn’t a fan of the 25% fee that is associated with using the platform but that does come with the amount of retailers they have and also i wouldn’t be making that money anyway. I would recommend Get Waldo to at least try the platform and to make your own assessment. 

Have you used it in the past? How would you rate it?

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