Honey – Saving you money using coupons.

Are you shopping online? Are you looking for something cheaper? Maybe a quicker way to find certain coupons or codes without wasting time on other sites.

Stop searching, wasting time and add the Honey extension to your shopping routine.

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout for over 30,000 shopping sites.

Honey also instantly find better prices on Amazon and offer Honey Gold at many stores for our American, Canadian, and UK members.

They are adding features and countries constantly and always upgrading the platform.

Who would use Honey Extension?

Honey Extension is for anyone that is shopping online and looking at saving money.

It’s for Everybody!!

To create an account is very easy and takes no time at all. It’s all done in three easy steps.

  1. Follow this link download Honey in each different browser. Free browser extension installation.
  2. If it is chrome, Add to Chrome and then Add Extension.
  3. Honey is Successfully installed.

Once you have successfully installed the extension on chrome, if there is a coupon available, the Honey extension will highlight orange and a pop-up will be available to tell you what coupon is available.

If you are using safari, it will appear on the left side of the URL search bar.

The Honey extension will provide notifications on the Honey extension to tell you how many codes or coupons available.

Once you click on the Extension, all available coupons will appear.

You will be able to copy these codes or you could wait until you get to the checkout and it will remind you to add these codes before you check out and the savings will be added to your check out price.

And look at the savings!!

How will you make money?

We have shown the way that Honey will save you money on specific coupons and how easy it is to install.

Honey gives you a promotional inhouse currency called Honey gold.

Honey Gold is when you shop at any of their 4,000+ participating sites, you’ll earn a certain percentage back in Honey Gold.

Honey Gold is rewarded on the purchase subtotal and does not include tax or any additional fees such as shipping.

The reward you receive is a completely randomized amount and varies from store to store.

Your reward percentage is the luck of the draw!

Honey Gold is not offered on all stores that have Honey support. For example, we offer coupons at Amazon but Amazon doesn’t offer Honey Gold.

You are able to make by referring your friends by a specific referral code that Honey will provide you.

How do you get paid?

Not only saving money on your purchases using the Honey extension, by accumulating Honey points you can also use them to redeem gift cards from multiple vendors.

You are also able to refer your friends your friends will get $5 worth of Honey gold.

Are there any fees or Subscription costs?

There are no fees or subscription costs and the Honey points will stay in your account.

My opinion of the Honey Extension.

I am a big advocate of this extension.

I tried it once and then installed it on all my browsers on my personnel and work computer. I also installed this on friends computer to make sure they are not missing out.

That’s how much i enjoy the extension.

The thing i really like is that it pops up and notifies you that there are coupons and discounts available.

It has saved me a bit of money on my ebay purchases.

I would strongly recommend utilising this extension of you are looking at saving money shopping on the sites you are already shopping on.

Where to go to try for yourself?

I really liked the Honey Extension and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion.

Please see below the link to know more about Honey Extension.

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