Qantas browser extension – Get those points to get closer to a holiday.

This post is primarily targeted at anyone that utilises and Flies Qantas airlines.

Qantas have finally come up with a browser extension to really capture all those frequent flyer points that you may be missing out on.

The extension fits well within the Chrome or Firefox browser and sit there until you are able to go onto an online retailer that Qantas have a relationship with.

Qantas have had an online presence with their partner retailers for quite some time now and it is great to see they have a browser app to notify the user when it is available.


Who would use the Qantas Browser Extension?

The Qantas Extension is great for anyone that is using their frequent flyer point system or if they are looking at becoming a member.

Many of the only retailers are targeted to Australia and New Zealand but their online retailers are also available overseas.

The points you will make may differ if you located outside of Australia or New Zealand.

Results will also appear on your google search to alert you that there are points to be earned.


How will you make money?

You will not make money on the Qantas Extension but you will receive Qantas points that you can use towards flights, online purchases and many other options.

On the platform they have over 500+ retailers that you are able to use your points and also on the Qantas site.


How will you get paid?

You will get paid your earned Qantas points directly into your Qantas account.

Points will generally appear in your account within 15 days of purchase.

Once these are paid into your account you are free to use them as much as you would like.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

There is a sign up fee depending whether you live in Australia or New Zealand

The residents need to pay a joining fee of:

Australian residents – AU$99.50 (including GST)

New Zealand residents – NZ$60

If you do not want to pay for the subscription there are other alternatives such as:

These are only a few that i have listed, there are more available to join the frequent flyer account.


My opinion of the Qantas Extension

I have been using the Qantas shopping site for the last 3 years and with all my points i have been able to buy a new watch, shoes and also a webber barbeque.

I was extremely excited to see that they had released an extension so i can see it if i could get points.

Similar to the Honey extension to save money on the purchases made.

The only thing i do not like is the function for purchasing. There is a little dot on the extension that alerts you to see that there are points available and when click the pop up details how many points you will be able to get through this purchase

When you click the earn qantas points it will take you to the qantas shopping store where you will have to start your search once again.

Essentially more clicks.

This is the only issue i had with this extension and i will continue to use it in my day to day activity.

Where to try for yourself.

I tried the Qantas Extension Platform and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion.

Please see below the link to know more about the Qantas Extension Platform.

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