Raiz Investments – Scam or a Blessing

Raiz helps you save & invest starting with virtual spare change from your everyday purchases and invest this into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Raiz your confidence in saving more and managing your finances with Raiz. You can easily get started in minutes: anytime, anywhere.

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· Smart Investing ·

Raiz makes it easy to invest small amounts that you don’t really notice but definitely add up. Through Automated round-ups and scheduled top-ups to make investment easy by barely doing anything. Helping first-timers invest in their future in the background.

· Bank-Level Security ·

Your funds are insured against fraudulent and criminal activity including cyber-crimes.

· Raiz Kids ·

Raiz makes it easy to invest for your family members under 18 to help them grow their wealth before they know it. Raiz Rewards

· Raiz Rewards ·

Raiz has a number of partners that will invest a certain percentage back into your Raiz account just by shopping through the APP. Companies such as, Apple and

How does Raiz Invest your money?

· Diversification ·

Instead of trying to pick individual stocks, Raiz diversifies your investment across hundreds of the most widely held Australian and international companies, corporate bonds, government bonds, and cash.

· Automatic Rebalancing ·

Raiz automatically rebalances your portfolio to mitigate risk and optimize returns. This means we keep your account in a target mix of stocks and bonds by buying more when they are cheaper and less when they are more expensive. Buy low, sell high.

Simple Fees

Only $1.25/month for accounts under $5,000 and just 0.275% per year for accounts $5,000 or more.

– You can withdraw whenever you like with no penalty

– Deposit whenever you like with no additional fees.

– No fees for accounts with a $0 balance while using the other features of Raiz

My Opinion of the Raiz Platfom


I personally love Raiz. I have been using it since the inception and have recommended them to everyone I know. It is great if you are saving up a holiday or a new phone. Saving without knowing that you are saving.

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