Receiptpal app – Get your receipts, get your points

Are spending money and keeping receipts? not only for tax purposes but now you can get points that you can convert to real money.

ReceiptPal is a trendy new App that makes it easy to use and

ReceiptPal lets you earn rewards just for submitting receipts of your purchases. Plus, all of your receipts are stored in one handy place, so you can keep track of your spending in a secure location.

Don’t just simply throw away your many receipts, earn great rewards for them!

ReceiptPal offers valuable gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Visa, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and many others just for submitting everyday receipts for market research.

Every receipt will also earn you chances to win cash prizes in our weekly sweepstakes. Three winners will be announced every week. As long as you keep submitting receipts, you’ll be entered automatically!


  • Snap photos of your receipts from grocery stores, restaurants, and local retailers
  • Earn points for every valid receipt
  • Redeem your points for great rewards
  • Automatically enter weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes


By simply connecting your email and Amazon accounts to submit your e-receipts automatically given you the added option to earn points faster

There are so many other other ways to earn bonus points and sweepstakes entries with fun new mini-games inside the APP.

The more receipts you submit, the more points you earn, so get started today!

Who would use ReceiptPal?

Receiptpal is easy to use and accumulating points can actually get you closer to smaller points and earn rewards.

Receiptpal is very similar to Unomoney.

How do you create an account on ReceiptPal?

Creating an account on Receiptpal is easy as it is a simple download from either the IOS or Android App.

IOS App logo

How do you make money?

Simply all you have to do is take a photo or download your receipt in the case of an online purchase.

The more receipts you scan the more rewards you will receive.

They also have a referral program that will allow you gain points from your referrals. The program is not available all the time but when it is available, it is available to valid members and you will be able to receive up to 25 points per calendar month.

How do you get paid?

You are able to get paid into your paypal account and also into a visa prepaid account that can be sent to you.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

There are no fees or subscription costs.

My Opinion of Receiptpal
  • Sign up process.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Value.


I found this app to be a bit clunky and hard to navigate once i eventually found it on the IOS App store.

The connecting the email and other third party connections would fail on me but once it got going i was able to submit receipts. 

I would give it a try but not a strong recommendation

Where to try for yourself

I tried the ReceiptPal App and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion.

Please see below the link to know more about the ReceiptPal platform.

Have you used it in the past? How would you rate it?

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