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Udimi is a network where advertisers and publishers exchange trades specifically for solo ads.

Currently, there is no other major network similar to Udimi where any individuals are free to join. … Plus $3 flat administration fee to Udimi each time you place a solo ad order.

A solo ad is an email advertisement that you buy from other email list owners. The owner will then send out an email on your behalf to a subset of their email list.

A good solo ad will get these subscribers to click on whatever offer you are advertising. And ideally, these clicks will turn into leads which you can convert into sales.

What’s great about solo ads, is that they are often cheaper than other paid traffic sources like Google Adwords or Facebook ads. And they have fewer restrictions on what kind of stuff you can promote.

Who would use Udimi?

Udimi is great for anyone trying to target a specific audience to promote their website, blog or to just start to collect email addresses.

There are many filters to help you pick the right audience, location and price that you are willing to spend.

As mentioned earlier, It is much cheaper than other forms of marketing such as Google and Facebook.

How do you make money?

You can make money by becoming an affiliate for Udimi and promoting their services to your audience.

You can also make money by becoming a seller on Udimi. Once you have logged in go to the seller section.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

How do you get paid?

You will get paid into your Paypal account or sent to a designated bank account.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

The only fees are if you are looking at utilising the solo ads for your site. These are not fixed and are different for each individual seller.

The affiliate program has no fees or subscription cost associated with it.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads<
My opinion of Udimi.
  • Sign up Process
  • Ease of Use.
  • Value.


I have used Udimi a few times in the past for marketing some landing pages in the past mainly Clickbank products and it has never disappointed.

I have mainly gone to utilise 200 contacts and every time it has over-delivered.

It is easy to pick which seller is the best as they are always monitoring the performance and rating the sellers for individual rewards at the end of the month, So you know they have to perform well.

If you are looking at promoting your site or affiliate marketing, I would strongly recommend using Udimi.

Where to go to try for yourself?

I tried Udimi and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion. Please see below the link to know more about Udimi.


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