Vova App – Refer your friends to get great products.

We introduce Vova, your one stop online shopping mall featuring millions of high quality budget-products that are easy on your budget.

Let Vova introduce you to a whole world of worldwide affordable items featuring your favorite designs and popular accessories.

Vova is an international e-commerce company originally registered in Hong Kong(HK) where their offices are located.

they have been so happy with their success that we are exploring options to branch out into more areas. Stay connected and join them as they continue to grow!

Vova is on a mission to provide high-quality products from the most trusted companies worldwide. You are at the right place to discover the latest and desired products with quality and affordable prices.

Who would use Vova?

Shopping online has become more and more popular and Vova is one of the cheapest platforms to buy products that are cheaper in-store or online.

Vova purchases are discounted up to 90% and, without shipping costs, It is one of the most used services for low-cost shopping.

They have a wide range of items that are available.

How do you make money?

With Vova you can earn in two main ways:

  1. Referring to your friends and family. This is called the “Earn Money” Project.

To start the “Earn money” project, you just need to click “Earn money” at the main page and share your own link to your friends and acquaintances.

1.Once any of your friends invited make the first order over US$ 3 through your invitation, you will get an extra US$2 and plus 4% of your friend’s order amount.

2. Once the total balance is over $20, you can unlock the page with total balance and available balance. 

The money will show as ‘Available Balance’ which means the money you can currently use. The money can be withdrawn (through “Me” – “Wallet”) or used towards purchases.

Besides, no matter what currency your friend use, the money you earned will exchange your local currency automatically

2.You will gain points by checking in daily and playing their games. Everyday they have different games to play and tasks to perform.

You also get extra credits by checking in daily by redeeming a bonus, or through a spinning wheel and giving away a few tokens or coupons to use for purchases. With the virtual coins that give you at the daily check-in, you can buy discount bonuses.

How do you get paid?

You will get paid through your Paypal account or you can use the money you have earned to purchase items on Vova.

The minimum withdrawal on Vova is $20USD.

Are there any fees or subscription costs?

There are no fees or subscription costs.

The credits will remain in your account to use later on.

What I thought about Vova.


I stumbled upon Vova a while ago and check in every day and have accumulated $30USD without even noticing and with my referrals I had accumulated $50USD.

It is quite impressive for something I had not even noticed.

There are a few good things I like about Vova.

1. If you are looking at buying something on Vova and you don’t have enough money to buy it. Vova gives you an option to send a request to your friend to create an account and give them the same amount of credit.

2. There is a freebies section that you can use crystals that you can earn or you can buy on the platform.

3. Vova also has a coins and coupons section that you can use towards your purchases on site.

These are a few things I like and there are very positive reviews online.

Where to try for yourself.

I tried the Vova App and recommend everyone try it at least for their own opinion.

Please see below the link to know more about the Vova platform.

Have you used it in the past? How would you rate it?

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